Never Lose Hope: Williams & Co #1


 Samantha Jacobs is just trying to lead an average life.  Her family has  always been in the spotlight, and she’s tired of all the unwanted  attention.  She decides to work as an assistant at Williams &  Company, a private security firm that specializes in protecting families  and employees for major corporations.  But after an affair, unplanned  pregnancy, and tragedy upset her escape for normalcy, Sam runs back home  to her parents for what she hopes is safety.

Jason Morgan, a  retired Navy SEAL, is second in command at Williams & Company.  He’s  the special-ops person that’s called upon to rescue people from  dangerous situations. Jason’s world is turned upside down after a failed  mission leads to him being held captive by drug lords in South  America.  Once freed, he endures a long road to recovery, both  physically and emotionally.

New tragedies catch up to Sam even as  she attempts to outrun them.  She must team-up with Jason and Williams  & Company to uncover the facts surrounding her mother’s untimely  death.

As Sam and Jason get closer to the truth, can Jason  overcome the memories of his capture, and can Sam handle everything  that’s been revealed before it overwhelms her? 

Click on image to purchase Never Lose (Hope)
Click on image to purchase Never Lose (Hope)