Black Gold management agency

Meet the Families:


Ace Hamilton owns Hamilton Oil.   He and his wife Anna have three children: Marc, Jessica and Ashley. For many years, the family has been targeted with threats. They remain vigilant and Ace’s number one priority is to protect his family.

Black Gold Management Agency was created by Ace Hamilton. He was too involved with running Hamilton Oil and didn’t have the time to focus on his daughter Ashley’s tennis career. 

Adam Cromwell runs the sports management agency which has slowly grown through the years. They not only represent Ashley but various other athletes across a multitude of sports.

Morgan Cameron lost his parents when he was young and is raised by his aunt and uncle. He discovered the sport of tennis as a way to escape his family.

Ashley Hamilton has lived the privileged life but has no friends to speak of. On a spring day, she decides to search for a freedom she’s never experienced and comes upon someone that forever changes her life.

Antonio de la Regada (Tony) is born and raised in Madrid, Spain. When he joins the pro tennis circuit, he quickly becomes friends with Morgan Cameron.