Life' Second Changed: The Show Me Series #1


Angelina Samuels has lost the only job she’s ever held.  A last  minute interview lands her a new teaching job just days before the  school year is about to begin.  It turns out to be the best thing that  could have happened when she realizes that her best friend from college,  Gabriella Alvarez, is also a member of the teaching staff. 

Gabriella’s  brother, Alejandro, relocates to his hometown after having lived away  from family and friends since he left for college to become a renowned  transplant surgeon.  He’s settling into a new job, reacquainting himself  with family and friends, and is learning to deal ever-so-slowly with  the personal loss that forever changed his life. 

When Angelina’s  sister experiences a health crisis, Alejandro is there to support her  and her family.  And when Angelina herself experiences a personal  tragedy, Alejandro is the only one to guide her through it.  As love  stares down at them, can Angelina help Alejandro take that second chance  on love and marriage?


Let’s  meet Alejandro up close.  Alejandro is now 37 years old.  He has dark  hair and dark eyes.  He’s recently returned to St. Louis to  head-up transplant services at the hospital.  He hasn’t lived at home  since heading off to college.  He’s returned to start his life over  again.  He has a new job and after almost twenty years he finds himself  surrounded by his family.  But, he’s also carrying with him a secret.  A  secret that has forever changed his life.  Can he overcome his past for  a second chance at love?

Angelina is the oldest of the  Samuels children.  She is brown-eyed with long light-brown hair.  Days  before the start of a new school year, she is hired to teach the fifth  grade at St. Margaret's.  She discovers that her best friend from  college also teaches at the same school.  Angelina not only is faced  with a family crisis, but she also endures a life altering experience  that brings she and Alejandro together in a way that only he can help  her face her future.  Can Angelina overcome her own personal loss and  follow her heart that will lead to her own happily ever after?

(Click on image to purchase Life's Second Chances)
(Click on image to purchase Life's Second Chances)