Life's Gateway to Happiness: The Show Me Series #2


Kelly Samuels is dedicated to her career and has received  several promotions in her short tenure at Lattice Works. Kelly’s family  is shocked when she returns home unemployed and without an explanation.

Alec  Alvarez, a pediatrician from a family full of doctors, is focused  solely on his career. He’s declared his bachelor status for life and has  no desire for love, marriage, or babies. When Alec finds Kelly stuck on  the side of a snowy road, neither of them are prepared for the feelings  they begin to have for one another.

As Kelly and Alec grow  closer, he wants to know why the once happy-go-lucky Kelly is hesitant  to his touch, while Kelly just wants to find purpose to her life again.  After Kelly tells two conflicting stories as to why she lost her job,  Alec steps in to discover what truly happened. Can Kelly come to terms  with what happened to her and move on with her life? And can Alec love  enough to give-up his bachelorhood status for good?

Life’s Gateway to Happiness is the second book in Anne Stone’s The Show Me series.


Let’s  meet Alec up close.  Alec is thirty-three years old and is a  pediatrician.  He works alongside his brother, Joe and his father in the  clinic his father started thirty years ago.  Alec is career minded and  finds little time for dating.  Family is important to him and he will do  anything for them.  Alec has no intentions of getting married.  He  likes his bachelor status and is dedicated to his patients.  Will a  twist of fate set him on a different course?

Kelly is smart and  career minded.  She has excelled at everything she’s touched.  In a  short time, she’s climbed the ladder at Lattice Works only to find  herself unemployed.  She has difficulties wrapping her arms around her  job loss and does her best to hide the reasons behind it.  She returns  home lacking the self-confidence that’s always guided her.  And she’s  hiding a secret.  Will Kelly come to grips with what happened and allow  herself to open her eyes to the best thing that’s crossed her path?

(Click on image to purchase Life's Gateway to Happiness)
(Click on image to purchase Life's Gateway to Happiness)