the Samuels and Alvarez Families

 John and Maria Alvarez have four children:  Alejandro, Alec, Joseph and  Gabriella.  John is a renowned Pediatrician in the St. Louis area.   Alejandro is the oldest. He is a well-respected transplant surgeon who  has recently returned home since leaving for college.  Alec and Joe are  both Pediatricians who work for their father.  Gabriella, the youngest,  is a teacher.

Ben and Jackie Samuels have five  children.  Ben is a Banker and Jackie is a homemaker.  Angelina is their  oldest.  She’s recently reconnected with her best friend from college  Gabriella Alvarez.  James is the second oldest and has followed in his  father’s footsteps as a Banker.  Kelly attends graduate school at Emory  University.  Colleen is in high school and is the star of her field  hockey team while Wyatt is the youngest and he plays ice hockey.  


 Meet Angelina and Alejandro as their story unfolds in Life's Second Chances.: Book One in the Show Me Series.